Server Maintenance Devon

Small Business Servers are incredibly reliable. However, things can and do go wrong and we offer an instant support service to minimise downtime.

server management north devon

Small Business Server Maintenance in Devon.

Servers, like any technology, require maintenance; and such a specialised task can take time, knowledge and expertise that your business may lack. WillcoxMedia monitors your server performance, and can even manage servers in Devon that were not installed by us. We do this using a number of methods, such as email alerting, disk space monitoring, disk defrags, exchange server defrags & health checks, mail server monitoring, performance monitoring (CPU & Memory), backup monitoring and antivirus & spyware checking.

Once up and running with us, there are many tasks that can be carried out remotely, so we will not even need to come into your office to complete some of the simple tasks. In addition, some services can be run at night, meaning no disruption to your business whatsoever.

If you think your company would benefit from our server maintenance service, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We charge an hourly rate or will be happy to discuss on a contract basis if preferred.