Disaster Recovery Services

Data can "disappear" at almost any time. Faulty hard drives, software failures, disasters or user errors. Our aim is to recover your important files and folders.

recover lost data

Data Recovery Services in Devon.

Data Recovery is the process of getting data from storage media that has failed. WillcoxMedia takes a professional approach to recovering lost data. Firstly, has the data actually been corrupted, lost, or is the drive itself damaged? Lost data is usually always retrievable, whilst damaged hard drives can be somewhat more challenging. However, we have all the experience and tools needed to attempt to recover data from your Hard Drives, Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Flash Drives, Memory cards, Apple Mac's, CD's & DVD's, and games consoles.

Our data recovery services in North Devon are charged by the hourly rate, and whilst some items are retrievable quite quickly, corrupted hard drives can take many hours, or may require the media to sent to the lab for further investigation.

We offer special rates to our non-business customers for home data requirements. Please contact us.