Domain Names Devon

A domain name reveals so much about your business, products and services, and is a key component to your overall online marketing strategy.

Domain Name Registration Company in Devon

Domain Name Registration Company in Devon

Getting the right business domain name is key to the success of your presence online and advertising strategy. We specialise in finding the right domain name for your start up business. Domain registration costs just £10 for the year. Once you own a domain name it is yours to keep, as long as you pay the annual fee. We will remind you of this every year.

What is a domain name?   When you visit a website such as this one, the address of the website is This address is a domain name. Unfortunately, many of the best ones have already gone, but we can help you find one that you will be happy with. For example, if your business is a sweet shop, then the likelihood of a domain name such as being available is 0%. However, if your business is located in Devon, then the chances are something like being available is much higher. This domain name will also serve as your email address; for example,

How to start my domain name search?   You can search for a domain name yourself by using a domain name search tool. Alternatively, we charge £35 per hour for domain names which will be ideal for your business, and usually it will only take an hour to find 30/40 combinations that you can choose from. If you already know what domain name you want registered, just let us know and we'll do the rest for you. Email for more details.