Recover Lost Data

Loss of data is a common problem which can haunt home and business users; but nearly all files can be recovered no matter what you did with them!

We offer a range of data recovery options in Barnstaple, Braunton, Ilfracombe, Bideford, Torrington, South Molton, Holsworthy and surrounding areas. In addition, to avoid further loss of data, WillcoxMedia will look at providing you a back up solution that suits your business.

We provide data recovery services in North Devon. We have experience in recovering and salvaging lost data from hard drives, laptops, e-mails, PDA's, ipods and storage media of every brand, manufacturer, model and size, even if the device is faulty.

We can also search for and find files, folders and emails that may have been accidentally deleted by the user, or even items which were not saved at all (Windows keeps a lot of temporary files!).

The key is to let us know as soon as possible as the longer you leave it, the harder it will be for us to recover files.

When it comes to the efficient running of your business, data is one of the most valuable assets your company has. Yet many businesses simply do not have a fool-proof and systematic method of backing up data.

Data back up does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Try one of our many back-up services to ensure your data is protected against hardware failures, viruses, malicious attacks, fire or acts of god.

Data can be copied to a device onsite, or to a remote location. It can be scheduled to run daily, every other day, or weekly. In fact, whatever suits your company's needs. WillcoxMedia can advise you where necessary.

Data Recovery Services