Broadband Installation Barnstaple
Broadband Installation

Are you or your company thinking about installing a broadband internet connection? We can do this for you quickly and without any inconvenience to your business.

Broadband Installation Barnstaple

Broadband Installation for your business in Devon

When your order broadband, your provider will send a box (a router or wireless access point) in the post. This needs to be connected to your phone line using an adapter/filter that also allows you to connect your phone to the same line. You will then need to install the software that comes with the box, then enter any username and password that they will have provided. In addition, some of the basic settings that are provided to you may not offer enough security for your business. Your internet provider (BT, Sky, Virgin etc) will not do this for you. If you want them to come, they will charge you in excess of £50.

Our aim is to provide you with a secure, reliable, wired or wireless connection that will allow your servers, PC's, latops, printers and other devices to easily access your network. In most circumstances, this can be achieved within an hour.

With prices starting at £30 per hour, email for more information on how we can help your business install broadband or improve upon its existing internet connection.