Content Management Systems

Whether your website was designed by WillcoxMedia or another company, we can manage the content efficiently and effectively.

Website Management in Devon

Website Content Management Services

Sometimes you may want to change information or photos on your business website. There are several ways in which this content can be managed. Many of our clients choose to have their website managed by us, and we charge a £35 per hour fee (including uploading and testing). Quite a lot of changes can be made in one hour, so its always a good idea to make several alterations in one go.

Alternatively there is CMS (Content Management Systems) which we can install on any website. This will allow almost anyone with basic computer skills, to be be able to change text and add pictures, without breaking the website! Any changes you make are live on the internet instantly, so you can view your results straight away. If you are not happy with what you have done, there is a undo button which lets you roll back to a previous version, so it really is a clever piece of kit. The advantage in the long term is less web designer fees, along with (almost) complete control of your website.

The price of the CMS ranges from free to a small monthly fee. However, it does take some time for us to install (anywhere from 1hr on a small website to 5hrs on a larger website) at a cost of £35 per hour.

If you have a website designed by another company, we can also install CMS for you!