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Virus Removal Devon

One of the most common issues for businesses are Viruses, Trojans & Spyware. They can cause havoc at home or at work and can lead to devastating consequences.

remove viruses in devon

We can remove stubborn viruses, trojans, adware & spyware from your computer

They are an internet user's worst enemy! Whilst you are innocently surfing the web, malicious websites attempt to install viruses in clever ways. For example, a warning might pop up on your screen informing you your security software has found a virus and you need to "click" to remove it... when in fact, in reality, when you "click" you actually install the virus onto your system.

Adware is a little program that watches what websites you visit and then attempts to sell you things by popping up adverts all over the place. Spyware attempts to extract personal data from you, such as names, email addresses, passwords, date of birth, credit card numbers etc etc. Its not just when browsing the web that you need to be careful. They can also be installed on your system via your email.

We can remove these issues, and set up preventative measures to stop it happening again.

We also provide virus removal support for servers and networks. Getting a virus in Microsoft Exchange Server for example can get your company blacklisted, making it almost impossible to send emails to your customers without first taking action. With prices starting at £30 per hour, email for more information on our virus removal services in North Devon.

Don't pay for virus removal software (home or business). Call us first!