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Connect to new and existing clients using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube

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Social Networking Company in Devon

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other similar social media tools, it was only a matter of time before businesses started to find ways of using them as part of their overall marketing strategy. It has never been easier to gain business exposure and WillcoxMedia can help your website achieve higher rankings, a larger number of visitors, and therefore increased leads.

The amount of work we do depends very much on your requirements, and how much you would like to be involved. For example, we'll get you set up with various social networking tools, link them to your website, and add a few posts relevant to your business. From there on, you can either leave things to us to make regular contributions, or you can participate yourself, with the idea being to write articles or news snippets which may interest potential clients. Once a person "likes" your posts, they then "follow" future news stories, which draw them into visiting your website.

A great example of Social Networking can be seen below (on our page footer). Here any news appears about website launches, blogs, and any photos or screenshots we have recently taken. This news not only appears on our website, but also on many others, enforcing the concept of social networking. With prices starting at £30 per hour, email for more information on how we can help advertise your business online.