Internet Connection Problems
Connection Issues

Slow internet? Rubbish wireless signal? Keep losing your internet connection? Common issues can be resolved quickly by us.

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Solving Internet connection faults for homes and businesses in Devon

There are a number of reasons why your broadband connection may not be working properly, from incorrect settings, to annoying viruses. In some cases the issue is a simple one to resolve, but there could be something more sinister going on in the background, which is why its worth giving us a call.

We will examine your current set up, and offer advice and support as to what we can do to improve things. In businesses for example, we have upgraded countless routers and hubs. The standard ones that come from your supplier are usually simply not up to scratch. In addition we can install wireless boosters, monitor network performance, and really get to the route of your problems.

With experience in many different companies all over North Devon, we are confident we will exceed your expectations at home and at work.

With prices starting at £30 per hour, email for more information on how we can help you solve your internet connection issues.

Before you call us, try turning off your router for 30 seconds to see if that helps