Technical Support in Barnstaple

Occasionally we may ask you to download some software onto your computer. This can help us diagnose your problems more efficiently.

It is not advisable to download some software items without our assistance, as some programs are extremely complicated and may harm your computer if used incorrectly.

software downloads

1. Google Chrome
Many internet problems are related to the browser that you use. We may ask you to install a new one for testing purposes.

2. AVG Anti-Virus
Excellent Free Anti-virus software.

3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Get rid of those trojans / spyware etc.

4. TeamViewer
Share your desktop with us (helps us solve some problems without us actually having to come out and visit you.

5. Advanced SystemCare
Repair Registry, tune-up, and maintain your computer system performance.

6. Adobe Flash Player
You may need this to view certain multimedia content via your browser.

7. Skype
Talk with us and other users across the world for free!

8. Smart Defrag
Handy utility to defrag your hard drive. Speeds up access to certain files and folders.

9. Hamster Zip Archiver
Needed to decompress compressed files, such a ZIP and RAR.

10. DriverMax
Updates your computer's drivers.

11. Log Me In
Another useful utility allowing WillcoxMedia to control your PC remotely. Call us before attempting to install this software.

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