Business LANs

Office LANs (Local Area Networks) are an ideal solution to get your business working more effeciently, sharing files, folders and devices.

Office Network Installation

Networks for businesses and offices in North Devon

We install, repair and configure networks for small and medium sized offices requiring a Local Area Network (LAN). This will allow you to share resources such as printers, files, emails and connections. For example, it can be very useful to have files stored in one central location rather than having them dotted around on individual machines.

We will advise you on the best equipment and set-up for your business, whether that be wired, wireless or a combination of both. We can also advise and implement solutions for servers, network security, data storage and backup.

We charge an hourly rate for this service and will also charge for any materials we may require, such as cabling, routers, access points etc. Contact us for a no obligation quotation on how we can get your business connected together, even if you have offices in various different locations.